We protect our environment

Nowadays, environmental protection is one of the most topical issues in any civilized society. And while it is still not a matter of course for everyone, we are trying to lead by example. If each of us contributes her/his part today, all future generations will thank us.

For example, did you know that sorted paper can be recycled up to seven times, and up to 17 trees can be saved using one ton of it? Therefore, we use exclusively recycled paper in our facilities. Its production burdens the air with pollutants 75% less and water 35% less than the production of classic office paper.

Every year, we also try to take at least one concrete step to promote a healthier environment. That is why on the International Earth Day, our employees participate in the action of cleaning our city, cleaning the environment in which they live with the motto "For a clean city of Sarajevo, for a clean planet Earth!".

By recycling electronic waste (especially batteries, laptops and mobile phones) and empty toner cartridges, we contribute to reducing the production of smog, CO2 and other pollutants into the environment, which arise from the combustion of these materials.

Our founder McGrath & Arthur is also certified as a "Responsible Organization" within the international project "Responsible Society" to promote an active and conscious approach to waste sorting and environmental protection.