The quality of our professional collection services is based on many years of (also international) experience and original know-how, but also necessarily backed up by the technological support and the capacity of our own call center.

Professional collection CRM system EVOLIO

  • Tailor-made for MCGA
  • Communicates online with the client system
  • Processes all data in any formats
  • Segments and processes the scoring of debtors according to specified criteria
  • Automatically reports information according to the agreement with the client
  • Ensures mass communication with debtors

Mass communication with debtors

Bulk sending of letters

Ensured via CRM Evolio, which generates and uses bar and QR codes to facilitate communication, in combination with a bulk letter wrapping machine. If necessary, we also involve an external supplier in the letter wrapping process.

Bulk SMS sending

CRM Evolio enables unlimited generation and sending of SMS together with the evaluation of delivery (delivered, undelivered, non-existent number, etc.). We use contractual partners of verified telecommunications service providers for shipping.

Bulk sending of e-mails

CRM Evolio also provides bulk sending of e-mails.

Bulk messaging on Viber

Based on a contractual cooperation with Viber, CRM Evolio provides mass messaging to individual debtors' applications.


CRM Evolio, with the involvement of an external provider, enables the automated calls, with a capacity of approximately 1,000 calls per minute.

Professional switchboard ASTERISK

Our system is based on a computer switchboard, which, unlike standard exchanges, enables almost unlimited programming of telephony parameters and registration of data on calls made by individual operators.

The system is based on a "plug-and-play" basis, in case of the need to increase the number of operators we simply add a new computer and join the corporate network. The switchboard in conjunction with the Evolio system also allows the use of the "autodialer" function.

Recording of telephone calls and their registration for the purposes of internal call improvement, resp. of any complaint by the debtor and subsequent control by the client is a matter of course. We do not delete data for reasons other than those agreed with the client or stipulated by law, we record all calls without restriction.

Professional in-house call center

To ensure the highest quality of performance of our call center, all our operators are full time employed by us. We require at least a complete secondary education and usually more than 30% of them have also completed a university education of at least first degree.

At the beginning, the new operators get acquainted with security regulations and regulations on personal data protection and banking secrecy. Subsequently, during one month they are being trained and incorporated by a selected older colleague, who also monitors their work for another 2-3 months.

We increase their professionalism through regular internal and external training, not only in the field of communication and collection, but also in the field of relevant legislation.

Our call center is located at the company's headquarters, which allows us to continuously monitor and manage the activities of our operators.

We always keep the number of operators high enough to be able to smoothly and immediately take over the management of min. 5,000 more cases.