What is the installment plan? Can I create one?

According to the creditor's claim, most of the receivables we have in the report are payable at once, in full. However, our goal is to help clients and, most of the time, after approval by creditors, we allow them to spread the repayment of their debt into installments and thus reduce the pressure on their personal / corporate finances.

The repayment schedule is an agreement to repay the debt in the form of regular monthly installments. It is, usually, not only the most acceptable, but also the last option to repay the debt and thus avoid possible recovery of the debt through the courts and related increase in the financial costs of repayment.The agreement on the amount of the installment and the repayment period depends mainly on the amount of the debt. After concluding such an agreement, we will send you a binding written text by post for signature and return. If you have already concluded an agreement on the repayment schedule with us, we strongly advice you to respect and strictly adhere to the agreed terms and amounts of repayments.

We offer you a simple procedure on how to create an installment calendar here. Start by entering the amount you can use to make 1 month's debt payment and the total amount of debt you need to repay:

a simple tool to find out the status of your monthly budget can be found in the section „I WANT TO CREATE A MONTHLY BUDGET“ on the previous page
including interest, contractual fees...
Do you want to use this calculation to agree on its monthly repayment? Simply fill in the following information and click "Send the calculation"
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Repayment period:
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Our operators will contact you and agree with you on the settings of your repayment calendar. Please note, once you have received the repayment calendar from us it is necessary to sign and return it to our address in order for it to take effect.